Laws of the road

25th January 2017
A new police crackdown has seen 47 drivers an hour caught using a phone while driving.

47 drivers an hour caught using phone

Is mobile phone use behind the wheel becoming more common? New figures from the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) suggest it most certainly is. In fact, […]
14th December 2016
A driver in Manchester was caught eating a bowl of cereal at the wheel.

Driver stopped by police… for eating a bowl of cereal

You had a late night. Your alarm didn’t go off. You’re in a rush. You know there’s going to be traffic. Who has time for breakfast?! […]
7th December 2016
The Mayor of Paris has introduced a 24-hour ban on odd numbered vehicles to try and cut down on emissions.

Paris introduces ‘odd’ ban to fight pollution

As schemes go, this is certainly an odd one. Yesterday, half of the cars that normally speed around the Parisian streets were nowhere to be seen. […]
2nd December 2016
Christmas drink-drive campaign launched to help people stay safe on the roads.

Young men urged not to drink-drive over Christmas

As everyone tucks into those fist advent calendar chocolates, panics about presents and prepares for some well-earned time off over Christmas, the government is urging drivers […]
30th November 2016
Santa has back government plans to cut the cost of parking over the Christmas period.

Santa Claus supports MP’s bid for cheaper parking

Christmas has come early for one MP, with Santa Claus himself lending him a helping hand. Well, a helping letter actually. David Tredinnick, MP for Bosworth, […]
4th November 2016
A Subaru owner in America had her car stolen by an accidental thief – only for it to be returned with an apology note and petrol money.

Accidental thief returns car with apology note and petrol money

A Subaru owner in America had her car stolen by an accidental thief – only for it to be returned with an apology note and petrol […]
17th October 2016
Road safety charity Brake uncovers some of the myths surrounding speed cameras.

Busting the myths behind speed cameras

Many of us are sure to get caught out by a speed camera at some stage. The first rule of not getting caught by one is […]
12th October 2016
Tesco is clamping down on illegal disabled blue badge parking at its stores.

Tesco cracks down on illegal blue badge parking

Tesco has come up with an innovative approach to clamping down on drivers who try to park in disabled spots without a blue badge. The supermarket […]
3rd October 2016
Two drivers in America were fined for carrying some very strange passengers just so they could use the carpool lane.

Dummy driver takes mannequin for a spin to beat carpool rules

We all hate being stuck in rush-hour traffic, crawling along behind a seemingly endless line of cars. But two drivers in America went to extreme lengths […]
21st September 2016
Penalties are set to increase if you're caught using a mobile phone while driving.

Penalties set to double for drivers who use their phones behind the wheel

The penalties for using your phone while driving could soon get a whole lot more serious as the Government tries to make the dangerous habit as […]
18th August 2016
Every country has different road rules, so brush up on the laws before you go

How to avoid a motoring mishap abroad

More than half of UK motorists consider themselves nervous while driving abroad, and as many as one in four say their nerves make them dangerous as […]
16th August 2016
According to a recent poll, drivers don’t know the meaning of one in every five signs

Poll finds blind spots in drivers’ road sign knowledge

There are many signs on our roads, but do you know what they all mean? According to a recent poll, which questioned 2,000 adults, drivers don’t […]
15th August 2016
An Aberdeen woman has set a Scottish record after failing to pass her theory driving test an incredible 40 times.

Woman sets shocking failed theory test record

Shaking hands, a dry mouth and cold sweat? Remember how it feels to take an exam? It’s nerve-wracking. No one likes tests, especially when you’re learning to drive, […]
26th July 2016
Follow our top tips for driving safely with a dog in the car

Top tips for travelling with a dog in the car

Man’s best friend can also make the perfect car companion. This is especially true at this time of year when the sun is out, the windows […]
18th July 2016
Pokémon catchers could face three points on their licence and a fine of £100 for using a mobile while driving.

Drivers warned not to catch £100 fines for Pokémon Go craze

It’s the computer game that has taken the world by storm. But would you dream of playing Pokémon Go while driving? The question seems a no-brainer. […]
27th June 2016
If you're a UK motorist heading off abroad it's key to do your homework on the driving laws of the country you intend to drive in

The minefield of driving abroad

Just when you thought it was challenging enough driving on Britain’s roads, now holidaying motorists are being reminded to clue themselves up on European driving laws […]
17th June 2016
Flip flops can easily get stuck under or between your pedals when they slip off as you’re driving

Is it illegal to drive in flip flops?

Happy National Flip Flop Day! It’s the day when we kick off our shoes and show off our toes, while flip-flopping our way around the shops […]
13th June 2016
Poll finds parents are letting their under age children behind the wheel of their car

Poll finds parents letting under-17s behind the wheel

If you’ve looked out on the roads lately and thought that all the new drivers seem to be getting younger and younger, shocking new research suggests […]
9th June 2016
Football fans driving to Euro 2016 in France are being urged to read up on driving laws before travelling

Footie fans – know the score on Euro 2016 French road rules

Jamie Vardy and Wayne Rooney may have to get round France’s defenders if England are to progress after the group stages in Euro 2016. But that […]
1st June 2016
Driving in barefeet is legal providing you still have control of the pedals

Is it illegal to drive in bare feet?

You might not have noticed it. But summer has apologetically arrived… more with a whimper than with a bang. But for many of us, summer will […]