UK driving

16th January 2017
UK roads are likely to see potholes appearing at an ‘unprecedented rate’ over the coming months.

National Pothole Day: Potholes to appear at ‘unprecedented rate’

Happy National Pothole Day everyone! OK, it’s not quite as big as Christmas yet, but give it a few years and we’ll all be buying Pothole […]
11th January 2017
Car park incidents now account for 30% of all car accidents in the UK.

Does my car look big in this?

Parking. It’s never easy, is it? Well, it may not be your fault. A new study suggests that parking spaces in the UK are too small […]
10th January 2017
We've put together 5 tips to help you save money on running your car.

5 ways to cut down your car’s running costs

It’s January, which means two things are inevitable. You’ve made a New Year’s resolution and you’ve probably already given up on it! So how about making […]
6th January 2017
A third of British drivers admit to naming their car, according to new research.

1 in 3 Brits names their car

Have you ever given your car a nickname? Well it seems you’re not alone. Far from it in fact, as around a third of British drivers […]
3rd January 2017
Police are reminding drivers to stay safe when defrosting their cars following a wave of thefts.

Drivers left in the cold as thieves steal ‘defrosting’ cars

Today is the first day back at work for many of us, and with cold weather sweeping much of the country, it was a frosty start […]
23rd December 2016
Driving through flood water can be life-threatening – just 30cm of flowing water is enough to float your car

Drivers urged to check flood risk ahead of Christmas getaway

Sadly, instead of snow, wet and windy conditions are expected over the festive weekend. The Environment Agency is warning motorists of a wet – not white […]
12th December 2016
The UK's 5 worst towns to drive in have been revealed.

Revealed: 5 worst towns to drive in

Buckle up, because depending on where you are… this could be a bumpy ride. New research from MoneySupermarket has named (and shamed) the 5 worst towns […]
30th November 2016
Santa has back government plans to cut the cost of parking over the Christmas period.

Santa Claus supports MP’s bid for cheaper parking

Christmas has come early for one MP, with Santa Claus himself lending him a helping hand. Well, a helping letter actually. David Tredinnick, MP for Bosworth, […]
28th November 2016
Motorists have said they find daily traffic jams even more stressful than going on a first date.

Being stuck in traffic is more stressful than a dentist appointment

Would you rather have a dreaded filling at the dentist or be trapped in your car for hours, crawling slowly down the motorway after a long […]
7th November 2016
A new survey has tested vehicle interiors for bacteria – and the results may surprise you.

Drivers are unaware of their car’s poor hygiene

Think your keyboard or mobile phone are dirtier than your car? Think again. A study by Salford University found cars to be 50% dirtier than both […]
31st October 2016
Research suggests drivers are more likely to crash in the 4 weeks following the clocks going back.

Drivers more likely to crash in 4 weeks following October clock change

The clocks went back on Sunday and we all got to enjoy an extra hour in bed, as well as lighter mornings. But did you know […]
26th October 2016
More and more young people are being put off driving because of the costs.

Driving costs steer young drivers off the road

A million drivers simply cannot afford to drive, according to information from the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA). While learning to drive can take months or […]
5th October 2016
Research has found that the average speed on the UK's five slowest motorways is far below the 70mph limit.

UK’s worst motorways are slower than Usain Bolt

We’ve all been there. Sighing, drumming our hands impatiently on the steering wheel and grimacing while we crawl along the motorway. Many of us who are […]
26th September 2016
Seat and Cosmopolitan reveal their car for designed women

SEAT’s new car for women causes outrage

A new car designed especially for women has been criticised for being “patronising”. The New Mii from SEAT and Cosmopolitan was unveiled at a special catwalk […]
16th September 2016
Congress Self Driving Cars

Tesla updates to make self-driving feature safer

Tesla says its new software is so safe that even if a UFO were to land on the road in zero-visibility conditions, the car would hit […]
8th September 2016
A sign at the Sainsbury's branch in Edenthorpe, Doncaster, where misspelt road markings point drivers towards a small species of sea bird.

Road marking error fuels Sainsbury’s ridicule

Everyone makes mistakes right? One in particular fuelled smiles – and a lot of banter on social media. You have to feel a bit sorry for […]
30th August 2016
Our commute to work could add an extra 800 calories to our diet every week.

Calorie count driven up by long and stressful commutes to work

Wondering why you’re piling on the pounds? Apparently your journey to and from work could be the reason you’re overweight. Commuting adds an average of almost […]
16th August 2016
According to a recent poll, drivers don’t know the meaning of one in every five signs

Poll finds blind spots in drivers’ road sign knowledge

There are many signs on our roads, but do you know what they all mean? According to a recent poll, which questioned 2,000 adults, drivers don’t […]
15th August 2016
An Aberdeen woman has set a Scottish record after failing to pass her theory driving test an incredible 40 times.

Woman sets shocking failed theory test record

Shaking hands, a dry mouth and cold sweat? Remember how it feels to take an exam? It’s nerve-wracking. No one likes tests, especially when you’re learning to drive, […]
1st August 2016
Black has overtaken white as the most popular car colour on UK roads

Black is the new white when it comes to car colours

It’s one of the first things many of us look for when we buy a car. Some may look for safety features, speed, fuel economy and […]