16th February 2018
48 of the 84 ministerial cars are diesel

Majority of ministerial fleet is diesel-powered

Lead by example is a commonly used phrase. Although not an expression adopted by more than half of Government ministers, it would seem… A Freedom of […]
4th July 2016
A new report is calling for the Government to implement measures to make our roads safer for older motorists

New ideas to keep older drivers safe

Young drivers may have it tough when it comes to putting the skills they’ve learnt in driving lessons into practice on the roads. But a new […]
3rd February 2016
White line road markings

Why white lines could be facing the end of the road

  They have become as much a part of our driving landscape as traffic lights, roundabouts and rush-hour jams. But white lines may not live to […]
16th November 2015

Our commute to work is getting longer

Many of you will know the feeling. You’ve spent over an hour getting into work. You arrive tired, clammy and feeling more in need of a […]