Top cars for the women of today

Top cars for the women of today

Buying behaviour suggests that the top cars for women is now down to price

It’s 2017, and women are just as likely to want a fierce, diesel-guzzling SUV as they are a convertible Mini.

Gone are the days when marketing cars to women involved making things aesthetically appealing or appropriate for the role of a 50s housewife. However, car manufacturers are still struggling to pinpoint exactly what women want…

Buying habits

A Daily Mail survey in June this year found more than two-thirds (71%) of women feel car companies are not marketing to them, despite the female pound making up the majority of new car sales.

However, results show there are some gender-specific buying habits when it comes to new cars, which manufacturers could cash in on. According to the newspaper’s poll of 1,200 motorists, women are far more interested in the practical elements of car ownership rather than the aesthetics.

The total cost of buying and keeping a car tops the list of priorities for female buyers, weighing up expenses such as purchase price, insurance, tax and fuel consumption when deciding which motor to buy.

Breaking it down, here are our top picks for price-conscious women…

Best Value

Small: With a list price of just £5,185, the Dacia Sandero is understood to be the cheapest car on the road. With its top-notch fuel consumption ratings, roomy front, back and boot, and its four-star Euro NCAP safety rating, make the Sandero one of the best value deals on four wheels.

Mid: The Skoda Octavia is consistently featured in Car of the Year awards, and even though its list price is £19,350, it’s excellent value when you factor in the comfort, space and fuel consumption – 47mpg according to the WhatCar test.

Large: It’s difficult to beat Dacia on price, and as SUVs go, the Dacia Duster absolutely is the overall winner when it comes to value, with a list price of just £9,495.

Cheapest insurance

Small: Although there’s lots to consider when it comes to insurance – age, accident history, location – all things considered, the Toyota Yaris is Britain’s cheapest car to insure, research by comparison site uSwitch has found.

Mid: Probably not the sexiest car on the road, but Honest John calls the Skoda Roomster “a well thought out and practical family car”, and the fact it’s in insurance group 4 gives an added incentive to get one.

Large: According to, the Logan MCV – a similar size to the VW Golf Estate – is one of the cheapest larger cars to insure.

Cheapest to tax

Small: The all-electric Citroen C Zero hatchback is almost as cheap to run as it is to tax.

Mid: With a total range of 680 miles, the Hyundai Ioniq is a tax-free gem, priced from £24,995.

Large: New tax rules for 2017 mean that even if you go for an SUV that runs entirely on battery, if it costs more than £40,000 you won’t be able to take advantage of the eco-tax savings. With an RRP of £29,995, the Kia Soul EV manages to keep you under the threshold, even if you decide on some costly ad-ons.

Cheapest to run

Small: It’s a given that an all-electric motor will be more economical than traditional fuels, but the Toyota Yaris 1.5 Hybrid gives the best of both. Although officially it’s listed as getting a combined 78.5mpg, it’s actually closer to 49.2mpg, according to

Mid: The Peugeot 308 is a well-equipped hatchback, getting 70.6mpg officially and 47mpg real-world fuel consumption.

Large: Sports Utility Vehicles aren’t renowned for giving you more bang for your buck, but the Peugeot 3008 SUV gets up to 70.6mpg officially, 49mpg

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